Cité Gestion Tokenizes Shares, Paving the Way for TradFi to Web3

• Swiss bank Cité Gestion is collaborating with digital assets company Taurus to tokenize its shares. • The tokenization process was accomplished under the standards set forth by the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA). • Tokenization is a relatively new trend in the financial infrastructure world, earning the trust of banking institutions, paving the … Weiterlesen

Midas Capital Pauses Borrowing After Suspicious Transaction with WMATIC_STMATIC

Bullet Points: 1. Midas Capital paused borrowing activities due to a suspicious transaction involving a recently added collateral token. 2. The token, WMATIC_STMATIC, was listed with a supply cap of 250,000 to prevent grand borrows against the Liquidity pool. 3. Midas Capital had previously experienced a similar event when they launched BNB with Ellipsis, leading … Weiterlesen

FTX and Affiliated Debtors Reach Agreement to Streamline Liquidation

• FTX and its affiliated debtors have reached a cooperation agreement to streamline the liquidation of FTX’s subsidiary in the Bahamas. • The agreement involves harmonizing the parallel FTX liquidation processes in Delaware and the Bahamas. • FTX US and Bahamas groups have also affirmed a procedure to clarify the inventory underneath its regulation. FTX, … Weiterlesen

Voordelen van de 51% Aanval

De 51% aanval is een vorm van cyberaanval waarbij aanvallers de controle over een blockchain-netwerk of negen van een cryptocurrency-netwerk overnemen. Het is een manier voor aanvallers om de controle over de blockchain- of cryptocurrency-netwerken te krijgen en het netwerk te manipuleren. In dit artikel zullen we de voordelen en nadelen van de 51% aanval … Weiterlesen