This cryptocurrency rolls a big 8 and crashes to zero in hours – the trap you must avoid

Too much euphoria is never good – The exit scams were rampant during the madness of ICO in 2017. 3 years later, this phenomenon seems to have now deported ecosystem DeFi.

DistX: the rocket explodes in mid-flight

DistX is a platform in the DeFi ecosystem specializing in token presales . Launched last August, it completed 3 presales, and its DISTX token reached $ 0.25 in early September. In addition to these pre-sales, DistX offered its token holders to recover up to 2% of the funds raised. But she found herself at the center of a melodrama , as the Decrypt media reported .

So far, everything was going well for the project, despite a drop in price to around $ 0.07.

However, on December 13 , the project’s founder, Adrian Daluz , announced on Discord that DistX was shutting down . To justify his choice, he highlights the failure of the last fundraiser as well as „family problems“ . He added that their tokenomics were „wobbly from the start“ .

Despite this, the team confirmed their willingness to repurchase the DISTX tokens available on Uniswap so as not to leave unnecessary and worthless tokens to investors. A kind of curious pump and dump the last chance , in fact.

“ Please be aware that we are not withdrawing cash and that with the remaining funds of the company (95,000 USD), we will buy DISTX tokens on Uniswap and burn them to help you draw a higher amount [than zero, ed. ] of your investment. „

A very different situation in reality

Despite this announcement, it seems that the DistX teams have not kept their promise .

Eh yes ! As pointed out by the group @WaronRugs , specializing in scam hunting, Adrian Daluz has indeed withdrawn the cash present on Uniswap.

He actually refunded 170 ETH to 36 of the 1,662 DISTX token holders, likely friends and family.

The latter then allowed himself to withdraw 22 ETH for his personal account, or $ 12,880 .